Dynamic Core Class


A balanced approach to create an awareness, connection and functional utilization to your deep stabilizing muscles;  energizing your ability to stand tall, decreasing your muscle tightness, and empowering you to move with awareness and strength throughout your day.  Class will focus on specific areas that are supportive to your skeletal alignment to counteract the postural difficulties present in our current society.  Specifically chosen movements will be utilized to target a balance within our skeleton and musculature structure, allowing for a deep musculature burn without the connected side effects of potential injury.  Focused movements will be utilized to build appropriate activation of your deep stabilizing muscles and dynamic movements will be utilized to improve functional strength, while protecting your spine and joints with your deep stabilizing muscles.  Overall you will feel empowered to move dynamically and gain confidence in your body.  This class is to empower a healthy and balanced strength to last with you all day during your dynamic movements and functional activities.

Classes are 45 minutes

Classes are ongoing throughout the year, check out the weekly schedule

Payment reserves your Class Package (expiring in 6 weeks) of 1-class, 5-classes or 10-classes, then you reserve your spot in the classes you want to attend (at your appropriate level).  Class size limited to 5 people (1st come 1st served)